Saturday, August 12, 2023

Ask For Help!




I easily ask and receive as I am willing.

I forgive myself for denying my good.

I respond with Love to all those who ask.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to give.

Ask for Help!

Ask for what you need.

Ask for help when you want it.

Ask for answers when you have questions.

Ask for joy when you want joy.

Whatever you want, please ask for it!

It pleases those who want to give to be asked.

It helps those who need help to give help.

It is a blessing to contribute the gifts of love we have.

No sacrifice. 

No withholding love.

We all need to learn to give and receive what is best for us all.

We are together on this earth to share the good we have.

What are you giving?

What are you receiving?

What do you really want to receive?

What are you ready to give?

I need to feel together with you. 

I want to share everything I have.

I want us all to feel wanted and important.

I want us to feel we are supporting one another.


Together we feel more potent.

Together we feel more Loved.

Together we feel more Good.

Together we are better.

And what does “together” look like?

And how do we show it and grow it?

What is this power of love coming through?

Together there is nothing we cannot do.

Your request creates joining.  

Your response feels loving.

Your trust shows us togetherness.

Your gratitude gives us more to share. 

Ask and you shall be answered.

Show up and you will receive.

Pay attention and you shall see what is.

Give all and your will have all to be given.

Love recycles itself.

Love never ends. 

Love keeps on giving.

And so you are Love.

Loving the Love You Are.

Betty Lue