Sunday, July 30, 2023

Where Are You Going?





I believe we are free to give and live our best.

I know we are called to be happy and healthy.

I recognize and release the false self made limitations.

I know what I want and go for it with all my heart.

What Is Your Plan?

Leo is a great time to vision.

Fire Sign months offer energy to look into our future plans.

It is a great time to vacation, meditate, listen for what your heart calls forth.

Who are you really and What do you really want?

Do you stop and look at the quality of your whole life?

Are you aware of the missing pieces and loss?

Is there something urging a change for the better?

How do you deny your own inspiration and desire?

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Money, fame, accomplishment, relationships, inner peace, service?

How do you see yourself achieving what you really want?

Are you willing to devote the focus needed to succeed?

Do you believe others will do it for you?

Are you relying on inheritance, marriage, luck or lottery?

Did you lose your confidence and creativity for Good?

Are you in need of a change in people, environment or attitude?

Maybe you forgot that you are the creator of your own “destiny”.

Maybe you learned that some are doomed to fail and others to succeed.

Maybe you have decided it is not worth  your effort to “go for it”.

Maybe you just got caught in handling everyday details to fix stuff.

It could be time to step away.

I might be time to dream a little.

Perhaps you want to really change your life.

Maybe you could live your life your way—whole and happy and free?

How to begin.

Dream the impossible dream and trust it is possible.

Write it down in detail, describing how you want to feel.

Look for the steps involved to erase your doubts, fears and uncertainty.

Begin by freeing your mind from negativity.

Forgive past “failures” which are simply learning what you need.

Relinquish your regrets, guilt, criticism and blame.

They sabotage what you want most.

This is your dream and your future!

It is not for others to understand or make happen.

This is your heart’s desire waiting for you to say “YES!”

When you are open and willing, 100% giving your all, the Universe supports you fully.

Take off the brakes and give yourself a break.

No more excuses or explanations or doubts or self deprecation.

It is your time to lift off and fly free of the shackles that bind you.

Write it out and it will be there for you when you have no doubt.

Trust and free yourself to full live your passion and purpose.

I believe in you.

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue