Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Justice and Liberty For All





When we all win freedom, we can live in peace.

We can choose the way that benefits all peoples.

I recognize I do not know the answers and so I listen within.

I trust with free and respectful speech, we will find what benefits everyone.

Justice and Liberty

Let us be just.

Let us be free.

We must begin with ourselves.

If we do not know how to honor ourselves, how can we honor others?

We are a nation that embraces justice for all.

Yet in many family systems, we are not fair to all.

In our democracy, we seem to place people in classes.

We rely on our prejudices to guide our rulings.

When we pick on our youth, we are not just.

When we deny our elders, we are not just.

When we prefer one sex over another, we are not just.

When we favor our own race or religion, we are not just.

How can it be that we fail our own declaration of independence?

Can we not know what we stand for as a nation?

In our schools, corporations, government and churches, do we do what is just?

Each one of us must be free to express our choices and lifestyles.

Let us do no harm to others.

Let us encourage what is fair and caring and sharing.

Let us be mature in our rights to vote, to love, to work, to educate.

We can support what is right and good for all.

Speak up for what you want.

Deny no others the right to do the same.

Do what is fair and good for yourself and others.

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Live in ways that promote the highest and best for all.

Speak out for the rights of others without limiting their opposition.

Choose for the freedom of peoples to have what they want without doing harm to anyone.

Make your home and workplace, your community and nation, a place where there is liberty and justice.

Relinquish your prejudices.

Give up your hatred and fear.

Open your heart to what is helpful and clear.

Seek answers to questions that make room for all.

We can commit ourselves to what works for everyone.

We can seek ways that benefit all.

We can choose in our everyday relationships to listen and respect all.

We need not argue or fight to win.

Whenever anyone loses, we all lose our way.

Give your best to yourself and others and all good will follow.

Be fair and care for justice and liberty for all.

Loving you with a heart that is true.

Betty Lue