Saturday, July 01, 2023






I choose to be happy with myself and my life.

I am open to relinquish being stuck in seriousness.

I am grateful for how I use my life energy with purpose.

I value what I do everyday, as I live, learn and serve.

Live for Joy

Everything exists for the purpose of Joy.

Joy is your guidepost.

Love is the way.

Peace is the Goal.

When we live in Joy, we remember why we came.

When we walk with Joy, we feel most confident.

When we speak with Joy, we are inspired and inspiring.

When we are filled with Joy, we see the Light.

How do you clear the blocks to Joy?

How do you remember to be grateful?

How do you remember to forgive ?

How do you remember to trust?

When we forgive our anger and fear, we see things differently.

When we release regret and resentment, we begin to learn.

When we stop blaming ourselves and others, we start seeing what is.

When we let go of thinking we know, we begin to listen and observe.

Life is our place to explore and experiment.

When we feel serious, we stop being open to possibilities.

We can change our mind, change our attitude, and our emotions.

We can stop letting opinions and prejudices run our choices.

Let us live for Joy.

Let us seek inner happiness.

Let us look beneath the pain.

Let us find the blessings.

We all have experiences we can judge, hate and fear.

When we are stuck in our condemnation, we lose the gratitude.

When we judge, blame and shame, we may be left with guilt and fear.

When we look for what we have learned, we can receive the gifts.

Our faith in the value of life will bring us joy.

Our gratitude for the universal truth will bring us trust.

Our openness to future blessings will bring  us goodness.

Our choice to be happy will bring us open-mindedness.

How much do you allow yourself to be joyful?

How often do you look at the world with wonder?

How willing are you to be innocent with curiosity?

How open are you to simply be happy to be alive?

Our attitude of gratitude will bring us Joy.

I am grateful for you.

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. 

I woke and I saw that life is all service. 

I served and I saw that service is joy.” 

Kahlil Gibran