Wednesday, June 07, 2023

What Matters?




I choose the best I know.

I awaken with gratitude for having choice.

I choose what matters to me with joy.

I respect the thoughts, words and activities I choose.

What Matters to You?

“If you don’t mind, it won’t matter.”

Where you judge matters.

What you choose matters.

How you live matters.

When you speak matters.

Who you love matters.

What you give time and energy to matters.

How your life works matters.

What you do with money matters.

What you think about matters.

You are giving your life energy to what matters to you.

Whether you know it or not, your life is telling on you.

You have what matters to you.

What you care about matters to you.

To simplify your foci for attention, choose five qualities or experiences that matter most to you.

Begin to live as though these areas matter most and watch them thrive and expand with success.

Observe everyday how what you think and do and say expand what matters most to you.

Focus positive proactive energy on what matters to you.

If money matters most, then give it conscious attention and consideration everyday.

When friends matter most to you, give them attention with positive thoughts, words and activities.

When your health matters most to you, make sure all that you learn and live supports your health.

When your home matters most to you, make sure it is clean, organized and harmonious daily.

Life is a canvas on which we are creating what matters to us.

When we don’t like what we see, it is because we have put it there unconsciously.

To change what we see and experience, we must erase and delete and choose again for what matters to us.

Life requires us to consciously choose what we want to see and experience because it matters to us.

When we find ourselves in trouble, we can focus on the trouble or be grateful for the peace.

When we find ourselves in sickness, we can worry about lack of health or we can enjoy being alive.

When we feel like victims of our situation, we can succumb to the pain or rise up in faith.

When we are lost in financial struggle, we can be angry and resentful or appreciate how much we have.

When we realize our focus creates our experience, we learn to focus solely on what we choose.

When we realize our thoughts and words create, we clear the unconscious thoughts with consciousness.

When we recognize we are here to learn to create our reality, we stop allowing others to create for us.

When we decide to forgive what is NOT and choose what IS, we recognize we create for ourselves.

Life is best played with full consciousness and conscience, responsibility and respect, for what is.

Be grateful it is so.

Forgive mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Choose again quickly and easily for what you really want to be.

You matter to me.

These Loving Reminders matter.

Your health and happiness matters.

All I give makes a difference, because we all matter.

Loving us all,

Betty Lue