Thursday, June 29, 2023

What Is The Price You Pay?





I choose peace instead of pain.

I relinquish the grievances that block my love.

I undo what no longer has value.

I forgive myself and others for doing harm.

What Price Do You Pay?

What is the cost of yelling at your kids or partner?

What is the price of cursing and attacking?

What do you lose when you lose other’s trust?

What are you willing to give up to lose your temper?

Do you realize what your anger does?

Do you understand what you destroy?

Are you aware of your lack of self control?

Are you willing to learn a better way?

Most don’t stop to think.

Most let their emotions rule.

Most think what you feel is true.

Most believe they cannot control “reactivity".

How can it be that your feelings control you?

Is it possible that you are a victim of what you feel?

Are your emotions in charge of you and your life?

I encourage you to stop and think about the consequences.

Our feelings are reacting to what you have been taught.

Emotions are "Energy in Motion".

When energy is blocked, it builds up.

When feelings are withheld, they may become polluted and toxic.

Stop acting on your current state of emotion.

Pause and reflect on the outcome you seek to achieve.

Direct your thoughts and consideration to your preferred response.

Use your energy with conscious consideration and focus.

When you have strong feelings, they are meant to be a "wake up call".

Stop dumping your toxic thoughts and feelings and behavior on others.

Be aware that your 'Poop and puke; are to be eliminated in private and flushed.

Stop analyzing what is unhealthy and placing the blame on others.

 The past unhealed stuff comes up throughout life.

Your work is to heal, forgive, learn and choose again.

To project your “woundedness” on others simply promotes more pain.

 You are responsible for healing yourself.

Consider the possibility of ending the cycle of attack and violence.

Consider stopping the negative and harmful language and behavior.

Consider changing the world around you by eliminating the toxicity in you.

You are capable of undoing what was done to you.

Unlearn what is harmful to anyone and everyone, including YOU.

"I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself."

Love the one you are by healing what is calling for Love.

I am loving you, 

Betty Lue

Let us forgive our judgments of mistakes we all make and choose again for a better way!