Friday, June 02, 2023

Repeating The Past




I easily forgive and release what no longer has value.

I know the past is not here.

I release the past and use my mind to enjoy the present.

I can easily and quickly change my mind.

How to Stop Making the Same Mistakes!

Thoughts create.

Words create.

And Behaviors follow.

What we think, say and do will recreate what we don’t want!

When we retell the story, we remind our mind.

When we keep saying the same negatives, we are teaching ourselves to be negative.

When we share the traumas and disasters, we are predicting and preparing for more trauma.

When we share how bad it was, we remind ourselves how bad it can be.

History repeats itself because we keep repeating it with our thoughts and our words.

Where we focus our attention, we are strengthening that probability, both negative and positive.

Our words, our memories, and our stories are a form of self hypnosis or affirmation to our mind and body.

Stop re wounding and re creating what you don’t want to happen again!


We think we can get rid of pain by thinking and talking about it over and over.

Forgive and erase your harmful history.

When we forgive and erase the past, all that is left is the beauty of our creations.

When we recognize the past is gone, what we will remember is the Goodness.

When we undo what no longer lives in our mind, the hurtful story is gone.

We must first LEARN what we can from any experience, and let go of the rest.

We open our minds to learning when we stop hating, judging and fearing.

We can wash away the pain and resentment when we allow the light to shine through.

There is always the choice to heal or continue to hurt.

Every time we revisit the wound, the wrong, the fear, we remind and “rewound" ourselves.

Forgiveness is the clearing away of our self harm.

To free our negative mind and remember the Good free us to make better choices.

To undo what no longer exists is to let the past go and be here now.

We often use past pain to build defenses and walls that separate us from ourselves and others.

What could you do to return to a state of natural caring and sharing and living with joy?

It is possible that the healing you seek is your choice to erase and release past mistakes?

You can use your thoughts and words to live the life you really want with ease and grace.

Each mistake teaches what works and what doesn't work.

Every encounter is the opportunity to learn to help and heal.

All choices are ours to remember the blessings and release the judgments.

We have the chance to change our minds and heal what needs our love.

Trusting us all to do the work.

Begin today to let the past be gone.

Always remembering to Love.

Betty Lue

Life is forgiving .

You are the gift.

It is in freeing and being the gift you are, that you recognize the gift.

Set yourself free with forgiveness.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue