Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Your Best Gift!




I am happy to be happy.

It brings me happiness to see happiness in others.

I feel healthier, more energized, helpful and creative when I am happy.

I know I am better in every way when I am happy.

Be Happy!!

“The best thing you could do for anyone that you love, is be happy!

 And the very worst thing that you could do for anyone that you love, is be unhappy, and then ask them to try to change it, when there is nothing that anybody else can do that will make you happy.

 If it is your dominant intent to hold yourself in vibrational harmony with who you really are, you could never offer any action that would cause anybody else to be unhappy”. Abraham

Do you know how to be happy?

Do you understand it is an inside job?

Are you aware of what you need to choose happiness?

Are you responsible for your own happiness?

Do you realize that happy people attract happy people and events?

Unhappy people attract more unhappy people who complain about being unhappy.

Most happy people don’t want to catch unhappiness from unhappy people. (It is contagious!)

Some suggest: “Fake it (happiness) until you get into your own stream of happiness.”

When kids learn to get attention by crying and complaining, they do it as adults to get attention.

When kids are ignored or even challenged by others to be unhappy, they often choose to be unhappy.

Adults may forget how to create their own happiness or depend on others to make them happy.

People seem to think that others determine their own emotions and state of mind.

When we depend on anyone for our happiness, we may feel victims of others’ choices.

When we neglect to be responsible for ourselves, we tend to feel needy and easily disappointed.

Our work in life is to grow up and be responsible for our own responses and/or reactions.

Judging others is a primary way of feeling hurt, afraid, depressed, angry and hurt.

We often are copying the emotional state of those around us  plus what we see and hear (media).

We allow ourselves to be victims of the environmental influences at home and work.

We tend to take on the energies (empaths) of those with whom we associate.

Happy people inspire people to find their own happiness.

The positive energy you exude inspires health, inner peace, gratitude and seeing things differently.

Continue to generate your own happiness and share it with your thoughts, words and activities.

Your Goodness, Gratitude and Joy will make the world a better place.

The positive ways you Love will always benefit those around you.

Be happy. Be Well.

You are the Gift.

Give your Joy freely.

Loving you,

Betty Lue

May you be happy and well.

May you remember to be loving.

May you find peace in all you say and do.

May this day bring only Goodness to you.