Friday, May 26, 2023

Guilt Doesn't Work!




I forgive myself for blaming and making others feel guilty.

I respond to others lack of love by loving them.

No one and nothing can harm me when I remember to Love.

Love is the only way to heal myself and my relationships.

Forgive and Move On with Love!

Guilt is one of those man-made emotions that doesn’t work.

When we feel guilty because we have made a mistake, we usually do it again.

When we feel guilty because we have neglected ourselves, we often deny ourselves more.

When we feel guilt because we have lost our way, we behave even more out of integrity..

We clear our guilt, when we forgive ourselves and others and love again.

We clear the guilt when we have made amends for our lack of integrity.

When we know better, we learn to do better.

When we neglect the call to always learn and do better, we hurt ourselves and others.

When we do not do what we know is the highest and best, we have made a mistake.

When we live in a way that does harm and is destructive, we have guilt.

When we feel guilt because we are not doing what is healing and helpful, we project our guilt.

When we project our guilt, we tend to blame or withdraw from others.

Blaming others is our projection of guilt.

Trying to hurt others or blame them is the ego’s way of getting rid of our guilt.

When we hurt others, say unkind things, abandon or deny others, we are projecting our guilt.

Guilt is often used in relationships as our way of trying to get rid of our own lack of love.

Remember that the one criticizing or blaming is usually talking about themselves.

What we see in them and accuse is a projection of our own error to be healed.

We tend to divert our attention to what others are doing or have done wrong.

We are here to recognize our own wounds and to heal them within ourselves.

Guilt is rarely recognized, and often projected with blame.

People rarely apologize or make amends.

Usually guilt produces anger and rejection.

We can heal only with forgiveness and love.

Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves.

Forgiveness awakens our awareness.

Forgiveness heals unconscious triggers.

Forgiveness makes us whole.

Blame and criticism are projections.

Withholding love will always hurt.

When we learn to stop trying to hurt ourselves and others, we will forgive.

When we remember everything unlike love is always a call for love, we will forgive and love again.

Doing harm always hurts us.

Denying love always hurts us.

Hurting others always hurts us.

The healing is through returning to love.

Stop making others feel guilty and you will free yourself to let go and Love again.

Always remembering to Love,

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue