Friday, May 12, 2023

Do We Really Understand?





I am here to listen and learn.

I cannot understand what is not mine.

I am open and willing to understand.

I choose to listen without judgment.

How Do We Really Understand Anyone or Anything?

We must make no assumptions.

We must listen deeper than the words.

We must want to hear.

We must not question or judge.

We must be a safe place.

We must care about the other.

Everyone needs a safe place.

Our children need us to listen to what they really want.

Our elders need us to hear what they really fear.

Our partners need us to listen to what they really say.

Without really listening, we only can guess.

Without really caring, we want them to care about us.

Without taking time, we usually project our feelings onto them.

Without really wanting to be helpful, we often give advice.

Most just want to be heard with respect.

Most want us to care about them.

Many want to hear themselves.

A few may want to learn something.

Do you hear others asking: "Do you really care?"

Do you realize their stories are to get us to love them?

D you understand when people talk they are trying to get clear?

Do you realize self-harming is really asking for self-soothing?

I prefer to give advice or opinions only when asked.

I usually offer a confidential place with no interruption for a specified time.

I must clear my own preferences and be focused totally on the other.

I seek to be fully present with an open mind and loving acceptance.

When I respond to another’s need, I must listen between the lines.

When I share my response, it must be with respect for the other’s viewpoint.

When I counsel or coach, I ask permission to share my thoughts and feelings.

When I am present with someone who has asked for help, I listen without judgment.

Everyone’s motivations and intentions and perspectives belong to them alone.

To understand, I must allow myself to let go of my attachments and see things differently.

When I am judging, comparing or trying to get them to change, I lose my ability to understand.

To know anything, I must allow myself to hear you and know you and love you.

This is my healing work.: “To listen and know what you are really feeling and saying to me."

What can you do to know and understand anyone, including yourself?

Always wanting to love, heal and believe in you,

Betty Lue

Let us forgive our mistakes and choose again for a better way!