Monday, April 24, 2023

Take Care of You!





Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

I free myself to joyfully be myself.

I stop weighing myself down.

I forgive myself for limiting myself.

Too Much To Handle?

Do you have more than you can care for?

Is your time full of useless activity?

Are you filling your space with unneeded stuff?

Do you stay so busy you have no time to enjoy?

When we have too much, we neglect it.

When we do too much, we get tired and cranky.

When we hurt too much, we shut down or numb ourselves.

When we accumulate too much, it loses its value.

Assess what you are doing with your life.

Look at how you care for your family.

Notice the state of your home, bedroom, kitchen and living room.

Ask yourself what you do with your time and all your stuff.

When we have too much, we lose appreciation and real care.

If we cannot be fully responsible, we blame others and feel guilty.

When we lose our positive mind, we forget to be grateful.

When we neglect our self appreciation, we stop taking care of ourselves.

Are you taking the time to love you?

Do you respond to your own needs with kindness?

Are you patient with your mistakes and forgetfulness?

Do you take time to nurture yourself and enjoy life?

Too much is too much.

Even taking five minutes to stop and breath is helpful. 

Getting up in the quiet of the morning with a cup of tea can bring clarity.

Taking a shower with mindfulness can set the tone for more patience.

Being willing to read one page of inspiration before bedtime will calm your mind.

Create a simple quiet time practice.

The clouds, sunset, walk in your yard can be moments to fill you with peace.

Begin to undo and release whatever is heavy, difficult and hurtful to you.

Open your heart to feel love and joy and gratitude again for anything and everything.

Seek out healing sounds and sights, interactions and inspiration.

Find joy in watching whatever you can fully appreciate.

Give your peace and kindness to those who need help.

Relinquish focus on what brings you disappointment and despair.

You can forgive, undo, erase and let go of what you do not need.

You can value, enjoy, appreciate and focus on what lifts you us.

Lighten your life and you will lighten your mind.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue