Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Focus Creates Results!

Parents/Teachers: Pay Attention!

Positive Teaching:  Focus on What To Do!


I focus on what is Good and Whole and Beautiful.

I fill my mind with what inspires me.

I free myself from negative and limiting thoughts.

I choose to be happy and grateful everyday.

Focus Creates Excellence!

Where we focus our attention, we experience results.

The key is to focus on success rather than on avoiding failure.

It seems most people use “trying to achieve” as their focus. 

Their attention creates lots of trying rather than fulfilling.

When we lack focus, we get wherever our energy flows.

When we have no purpose, life often feels meaningless.

When we are avoiding something, we experience more of what we don’t want.

Literally where we put our attention, we experience more.

“I don’t want” focuses on what we don’t want.

“I try to avoid” focuses on what we are avoiding.

I don’t care” focuses on not caring.

“I can’t” focuses on more lack and limitation.

It is important to clear the fearful and limiting thinking.

It is essential to imagine the outcome desired.

It is key to let go of holding on to past history of lack.

Minds are conditioned to expect more of the same.

To clear fear of lack and limitation, it is essential to forgive past history.

To believe in the possible, it is our work to trust in what our thoughts can do.

We can, when we believe we can.

We can do, be and have, when we know all things are possible.

Begin to focus on the outcome you prefer.

Imagine how you will feel and what you will do.

Act as if you have achieved, until you become all you desire.

Take time to clear your doubting mind and disappointed emotions.

We are the ones who can undo what is no longer of value.

We can change our mind and our behavior.

We can stop choosing failure, quitting and laziness.

We can do the work to let go of the lack and limitation.

An "Attitude of Gratitude" is key.

We can be grateful everyday for being able, open and willing.

We can remind ourselves by living and giving our best to ourselves.

We can love ourselves by believing we can be, do and have what we desire.

Be pleased with yourself.

Be grateful for all your learning.

Be kind to yourself for getting happier and wiser daily.

Live your whole life as if you matter most, because you do.

Give your life to being the best in You.

Loving us all as we awaken together.

Betty Lue