Saturday, March 11, 2023

Whole Life Healing

Know Your Self.

Love Your Self.

Take Care of Your Self.


I am healed and whole.

I release and I let go.

I let Spirit guide my life.

I trust and free myself to learn from everything and every one.

We Are Here to Heal Ourselves!

All pain, dis-ease and problems call for healing.

Is it time to love yourself more?  

You can ask “Why?”, but what you want is to heal.

When you are healing yourself, you learn what you need to know.

All healing is to learn more.

All healing is to love more,

All healing is to let go more.

All healing is to live more.

Your mind can take you on a wild good chase.

Or…you can use your mind to heal.

You choose to heal by healing  your mind.

Affirm: “I am healed and I am whole.” 

“Thank Goodness this is so.”

Feelings both physical and emotional can lead you down a misguided path.

Or you can learn to see what sets you free.

Choose to accept the challenges to laugh and let go.

Choose to love yourself more and learn to live more in love

Choose to heal your mind, your body and remember what is Good for You.


I thank my body for taking care of me in millions of ways every day.

I appreciate my breath for giving me new life and healing energy.

I am amazed at the natural healing powers that live within me.

I love how I can will myself to clear fear and pain.

I relax and trust in the healing power of Love that lives within me.

Learning is what we are here to do!

What can we learn?

I can learn I am whole.

I can learn how to heal.

I can learn to free myself from seeming limitation.

I can learn I have a body, but I AM NOT my body.

I can learn to love myself no matter what. 

I can learn to always love my whole self, mind, body and spirit.

I can learn to let go and freely love simply by being alive.

Betty Lue

Keys to Health & Vitality 


Ingest the best and forget the rest.  Take into your body, mind and spirit only that which supports, sustains and inspires the BEST in you.


Life is flow. To move with the flow is healthy. To resist is stressful. Move with the natural inner movement physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.


To breathe in (inhale) fully life energy, Spirit, Prana, inspiration, is to expand our awareness to open to an enlightened mind.  To exhale fully is to truly release what is no longer needed.


Reaching out with Love and respect for each other opens our bodies and beings to trust in the gentleness we all deserve to experience.


Choose for those thoughts which heal and free you to be unlimited in health and wholeness. Forgive (erase) the beliefs which are limiting or false.


Carry with you an attitude of gratitude and love for yourself and others.  Allow yourself to see all things work together for good.


Moderation in all things will bring your life into harmony.  As we give ourselves what is really best for us, the extremes are gently released.


What you perceive in others and the world you strengthen in your Self.  Focus on illness, disease and weakness and you actually weaken yourself.  See only health and wholeness and you move yourself in the direction you are looking.


To clear out toxins and purify the system requires a willingness to eliminate toxic thoughts, activities, relationships as well as foods from your system.  Flushing the system clean is aided with water, fresh air, gentle movement and forgiveness.


To rest and relax your mind and body are invaluable to being refreshed and revitalized. Each person has unique methods of relaxation - meditation, music, being in nature, focused simple activity.