Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Energy Sources

Energize mind and body with good choices.


I choose what I want to experience.

I am aware of how quickly life shows up as I have chosen.

I am conscious of what I want to feel, think and do.

I appreciate my right and responsibility to choose.

What Energy?

Where do you get your energy?

What matters to you?

Are you inspired?

Are you fulfilled?

How do you reward yourself for what you do?

How do you feed your mind and your body?

How do you feed your Spiritual energy?

Are you happy and ready to go?

Some feed their mind with ideas and creativity.

Some feed their body with physical strength and vitality.

Some feed their Spirit with what really matters to them. 

Are you more focused on doing, feeling or thinking?

Doers need the energy to be able to do what they want to do.

Thinkers need the energy to be able to think about what they want.

Feelers need the energy to feed their passion to guide their life direction.

We each are unique in our preferences, ideas. creations and inspiration.

Like attracts like.

Happy thoughts, feelings and doings attract more of the same.

Whatever you want to energize, focus energy on it.

See, hear, feel, with thoughts, words and activities.

If you want to be tired and depressed, simply focus on fatigue and depression.

If you want to be lacking, simply focus on how little you have.

If you want to feel lonely, simply focus on how alone you are.

If you want to be disabled you are, focus on what you cannot do.

Life reflects back to us, what we have chosen.

There is creative energy within our thoughts and inner images.

There is attractive energy within our words spoken and written.

There is energization within our activities, both negative and positive.

How quickly and easily we can change, transform and redo our energy.

Our resources for energy are within us, because we are an easily accessed energy field.

We can access strength, abundance, excellence and fulfillment within ourselves.

Energy is our life force and life Source.

Consider what you prefer to experience.

If you want less, it can be yours.

If you want more, it can be yours.

Just change your mind.

Loving me and you always, 

Betty Lue

Everything that everyone desires is for one reason only:

They believe they will feel better in the having of it. 

We just want you to understand that you must feel better before it can come to you.