Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Are You Foolish?





I answer the call for Love.

I listen within and remember I AM Love.

I am the Love I seek.

I share the Love I Am.

Foolish or Just Fooling?

Sometimes we are naïve and unaware.

Sometimes we ignore and just don’t care.

Sometimes we deceive ourselves.

And sometimes we just pretend to be ignorant.

Pretending we are not responsible make us responsible for pretending.

Ignoring the need, we are responsible for our ignorance.

Deceiving ourselves about the call for Love, makes us responsible for Self Deception.

Acting foolish or immature makes us responsible for our foolishness.

It is time to wake up and grow up.

It is time to realize why we are here.

It is time to educate ourselves and bring the Light.

It is time to stop fooling around and remember the Truth.

What is the Truth? you say.

The Truth is whatever you believe.

If you believe, you cannot be and are not anything, you will be nothing.

When you know you are important and can make a difference, you will make an important difference.

Life may look like you do not matter, but everything matters.

Every thought you think makes a difference in how you feel and behave and relate to others.

Evert word you speak makes a difference in how you interface and share with others.

Every action you take makes a difference in how you are perceived and believed and valued by others.

This is a copy cat world, where we copy our own thoughts and feelings and keep repeating.

Until we take charge and change our minds, we continue to do what we have always done.

When we persist in being off purpose, we encourage others to deny their purpose as well.

Sure as anything when we all continue copying what others do, we will go around in circles.

It is time to get off the dime and forgive our foolishness.

Right now, right here, we can choose again.

We can change our minds.

We can make a difference.

Stop accepting what has always been and begin to flow with what is Good for all.

Educate, don’t just separate.

The time is now to lead the way with every word we say.

To be the Ones to wake up and do it with a change in mind.

You can do it and so will I.

Loving you and me as we set ourselves free,

Betty Lue