Friday, February 03, 2023

What Can You Do?

You can change your mind and your life!

Affirmations:  Write and say affirmations (20X daily for 14 days)

I do what I am called to do with confidence and gratitude.

I approve of myself and appreciate my willingness.

I listen within to what is right and true and mine to do.

I do the best I know in all things at all times.

What Can We Do?

When life seems a mess?

When there is a mistake?

When everything seems difficult?

When violence, anger and negativity shows up?

What can I do?

What can you do?

What will work best?

How can we make things better?

There are those who must assert themselves.

There are those who must be passive and quiet.

There are those who must be interactive and relate.

There are those who stay ignorant and simply stay out of it.

The assertive ones speak up and do something they believe in.

The passive ones quietly affirm healing and pray.

The interactive talk with their friends, ask questions and learn.

Those who seek to be left alone go on as they always have.

Each one of us must live our lives our own way.

We watch the balancing of all communication styles.

We learn that everyone is learning and no one really knows.

There is no right way, but to find our own peace of mind.

Some watch the pot and let things happen.

Some turn down the heat and help cool it down.

Some stir the pot to keep it cooking.

Some turn up the heat until it boils over.

We each have our part to play in our family life and in our workplace.

Kids have their part to play to harmonize or dramatize.

Our own background often determines the back story.

Yes, history repeats it self until we forgive the past and learn a better way.

What can you do?

Do what is yours to do.

Live life in the way that is “right” for you.

If what you do is not best for you, choose again.

You matter.

Your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and prayers matter.

How you choose to live your life matters.

What you contribute and how you support matters.

Appreciate your part and participation in everything you say and do, everywhere and all the time.

I do.

Betty Lue