Thursday, February 16, 2023

Forgiveness Works!


I forgive myself for withholding the Love I AM.

I forgive myself for being unhappy and fearful.

I forgive my misperceptions and opinionated thoughts.

I free myself to forgive everyone and everything, including myself.

Forgiveness Offers Everything We Want.

Forgiveness = Erase and See Things Differently!

Forgiveness clears the blocks to the awareness of the presence of Love.

When we erase what is temporary, we experience what is lasting.

When we undo the lies and judgments, we expose what is real.

When we are willing to let go of what is insane and irrational, we see what is sane and rational.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.

It clears our perception and offers us insight.

It is through our conscious forgiveness that we eliminate our own blocks to love.

We see life differently and accept our mistakes and misunderstanding to learn better ways.

We are here to clear our blocks to the presence of Love.

We free ourselves from the guilt and blame, hurt and shame, what inter-fears.

We undo the lies we continue to project onto ourselves and others.

We open doors to remember and realize what we came here for.

Through our forgiveness we breathe deep, come alive and thrive.

With our willingness to set aside what no longer is, we begin to create what can be.

There is so much more than what went wrong and we can see what we can do right.

Life is the gift that keeps on giving the freedom to be and trust to see things differently.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love.

When we neglect loving ourselves and others, we shut out the light.

When we forget we are born innocent, we learn to judge and compare everything.

When we feel separate, we neglect and forget to forgive and return to our natural innocence.

Each day we can choose to let go and allow the Good within to appear.

Every encounter is an opportunity to clear the way to natural helpful communication.

All we are here to do is enjoy the life we have been given with gratitude and joy.

All we can do is to be true to what is whole, honest and true and share it with others.

While we may not understand the true nature of forgiveness, we can always just do the right thing. 

We may judge and blame and disagree, but we are really here to learn a better way to be happy.

Forgiveness of ourselves and others frees us to be happy and at peace.

Understanding that forgiveness allows us to see things differently and to choose again.

Consider what you really want.

Allow yourself to let go.

Be willing to open to love again.

Free yourself to respond with forgiveness.

Always forgiving and loving you, because that loves me too.

Betty Lue