Thursday, January 19, 2023

Time To Give


My life is given to me to be freely given.

I love the giving with joy and gratitude.

I know who I am here to be when I give.

I always receive more than I have given. 

Giving Is a Gift to You!

When you give, you remind yourself who you truly are.

When you give, you receive the joy you are giving.

When you give, you open the flow of energy.

When you give, you know the connection between you and another.

Life is for giving.

You are the Gift.

It is in giving the gift that you realize the gift you are.

It is your giving that reconnects us all to ourselves.

There is a limitless source.

When we are open to Source, we experience the flow within us.

When we block the flow with fear and resentment, we limit the flow to ourselves.

Our learning is to experience that giving increases the flow.

Experiment with giving your kindness freely.

See what you feel.

Experiment with withholding and limiting your kindness.

See how you feel.

Freely giving Goodness immediately creates a wondrous experience of Goodness.

Opening your mind to share inspirations allows your mind to experience more inspiration.

Allowing the awesome sharing of joy and laughter increases the joy within you.

Experiencing the Positive power of saying “YES”, gives you the opportunity for more YES for You.

Give what matters.

Give what you want to share.

Give what you want more of.

Give for the sake of feeling the flow of life energy.

Nature is a natural giver.

Beauty gives with no limitation.

What we love, loves us back.

Allow the joy and freedom of giving.

Money is a real gift only when it is given with intention.

Helping is a real gift when we help with gratitude.

Sharing is a real gift when we appreciate what we share.

Loving is a real gift when we give freely without need.

Explore the art of giving.

Learn to give unconditionally.

Learn to give anonymously.

Learn to give with full appreciation.

Betty Lue

Happy Lunar New Year!

Sunday January 22, 2023

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