Monday, January 30, 2023

Stop Hurting!


I forgive myself for hurting anyone with fearful words or action.

I choose to find and practice a better way in all my relationships.

I choose to stop doing harm with words or actions.

I commit to teach others by my kindness and compassion.

Stop Hurting YourSelf and Others!

Stop the hurting!

Just because you may have been hurt, doesn't mean it is ok.

Just because you feel hurt by another, doesn't mean you need to hurt back.

Just because you thought is would relieve your pain, stop hurting others.

Attack only begets more attack.

Hurt causes more continuing hurt.

Stop and give yourself time to think.

Stop and be aware of what you do.

Recently I became aware.

I didn’t know………………

Grown ups often scare and hurt their children.

Adults hit, throw things, tantrum violently and scare their children.

I didn’t realize ……………….??

Adults think it is ok to throw things.??

Adults believe it doesn’t do harm to swear, threaten, scare, and hurt their families.??

Adults actually think it is normal to act out like a two year old.??

When will they learn?

When will parents realize the harm they do?

When will we all grow up and stop abusive behavior?

When will we understand scaring and hurting only causes more of the same?

Bullying parents create bullying children.

The strong hurt the weak as animals, adult and kids.

When there is no bullying at home, it will not occur in schools.

When there is an end to hurting and scaring in families, the world will become safer for all.

How can it be we have not learned self-control?

How come we keep on doing harm to one another?

How can we not see that hurtful words are damaging?

What causes us as a society to threaten, scare, hurt one another?

You can try to pretend it is OK to do harm since you experienced it as children.

You can try to justify it with “I don’t know how to get my children to obey.” 

You can excuse your childish behavior with “being tired, drunk, angry, or feeling disrespected”.

How ignorant is it to excuse physical or psychological punishment because you don't know another way?

YOU can commit to grow up and control yourselves.

YOU can agree to never hurt another again.

YOU can stop doing what you know is ignorant.

YOU can forgive your past experiences and find a better way.

If this Reminder is for you, forgive your ignorance and choose again.

We can end all fear and violence by changing ourselves.

Love yourself and others with Love.

“Do Unto Others What You Want Done Unto You.”

Trusting you with peace in our families.

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue