Thursday, January 26, 2023

Listen To Your Self


I love and accept myself the way I am.

I easily forgive my mistakes and quickly learn.

I follow my inner guidance and intuition.

I take time daily to appreciate my life choices.

Listen to Your Self

Is anyone listening to you?

It is solely your job to do.

To be true to you is your need.

To follow your heart is your choice.


You may be frustrated, angry or afraid.

You may be blaming or crying out for someone to save you.

You may be denying, doubting or feeling victimized.

Somewhere within you know, it is all about you saving you.

To blame others will misguide you.

To avoid yourself is to deny you.

To correct others will divide you.

To forgive yourself will bring you home to you.

There is so much to learn and know.

There is often a long way to go.

But the first step is the most important.

Listen to you by beginning within.

Write down your thoughts and feelings daily.

Journal your questions and fears.

Listen to your ideas with laughter and tears.

Learn to respect all that comes from within you.

You are here to really know YOU!

Within you is everything you seek.

Take some time to find what is true.

You are here to love and cherish you.

When you write the words you hear inside, you begin to find what is really interfering.

When you read what you have written, you can see what is good and truly helping you.

Some feelings and thoughts can be misguiding with their distortion and fear.

But some true loving helpful guidance will show up honest and clear.

Your job is to discern the truth that leads to safety and calm.

Your listening will see beneath what is angry and wrong.

The ideas and help will show you what voice is coming through you.

You are looking for only what is healing and loving and helpful to you.

So listen to what is right and good and true.

This comes from the real love within you.

Be willing to follow what is kind and good to you.

Love shows the way to follow every day.

Always beside you, Love will always guide you.

And I am with you.

Betty Lue

I am loving us all.  

It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.

Above all, let us simply remember to love. 

Betty Lue