Saturday, January 14, 2023



I see you as I see myself.

I love you as I love myself.

I know you as I know myself.

I trust our journey together leads us to safety, wisdom and peace.

We Are Equal

You are not less than or greater than another.

You are not more worthy or less worthy.

The elderly are still as important as you.

The children are always as important as adults.

We compare, contrast and evaluate people based on personality differences.

We use education, age, finances, religions, nationality and more to discriminate.

We have learned to discern according to what we are taught at home and school.

Our personalities judge ourselves and others based on worldly values.

In the heart of all, there is only the life we share.

In our experience, we judge according to beliefs we hold.

In our evaluations, we base our relationships on what we get.

When we know our own worth, we value others equally.

When we value money, we compare based on money.

We see what we can “get” or what we need to “give”.

When we value beauty, we compare based on beauty.

We observe how beautiful we are compared to others’ beauty.

The financially rich may become poor.

Our external beauty will fade.

We may judge one way and another may judge the opposite.

We may compare ourselves one day and see things differently another.

When we are willing to look deeply, we begin to discover something very similar.

There is a beauty in the soul.

There is a richness in the Spirit.

There is a Love within us all.

We are the same you and I and all.

We have the same calling to learn and grow.

We are here to wake up and know who we really are.

Beneath the skin, the words, the work, there is an eternal Oneness.

When we come to this place, we see the face of goodness, beauty and delight.

When we remember where we came from, we see we are all pioneers on a journey.

When we recognize the family of humanity, we know we are here to remind one another.

When one remembers, we all remember we are safe and healed and whole.

Your healing is mine.

Your journey lights my way.

Your remembrance reminds me.

Your love lifts me higher

How could it be otherwise?

Loving the ways we walk together in full appreciation,

Betty Lue