Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Your Heart's Desire!

Full Moon today at 8:08PM PST

Pay attention!

Listen within!

Respect what you hear/feel/know!


I know what is in my heart.

I listen to and trust the desires of my heart.

I am truly happy when I live true to Who I Am.

I dare to dream and do what is my real Joy.

Your Heart’s Desire

Do you know your own heart?

Do you love Who You Are?

Do you dare to connect with your True Self?

Do you recognize what you love within you?

How can you know your heart’s desire if you do not know your own heart?

How can you realize what you really want if you do not listen to your Self?

How can you honestly recognize what you really want if you do not deeply and profoundly love you?

How do you expect to hear what your heart’s desire truly is if you do not listen, learn and love YOU?

Take quiet time everyday to listen to yourself.

Begin to be a student of the Real Inner You.

Explore what you think, what you want and most importantly, Who Are You?

Ask yourself each morning, “What do you want to experience today?”

You are new again everyday, here to work and play, to connect and enjoy, to rest and dream.

Today is renewed when you are open and willing to respond to what you hear within you.

When you are freeing and trusting yourself, you respond without expectation or restriction,

Whatever is good and right and true for you, is yours to think and be and do and enjoy.

If you want to dream, dream.

If you want to create, create.

If you want to get things done, just do it.

If you want to rest and enjoy, allow yourself to simply be.

You seek to be loved by you.

You want to be heard by you.

You long to be nurtured by you.

You are asking to be trusted by you.

You are wanting connection with you.

You are your own teacher just for you.

You are your friend and counselor.

You are here to set yourself Free to Be YOU.

What will it take for you to know yourself?

What can you do to love and trust yourself?

When will you learn to listen, honor and respect You?

How long will you wait to come into realizing You are the one You seek?

You are waiting to fulfill your own heart’s desire.

Now is your time to awaken.

Take off your ear buds and learn to listen to your True Self.

Be open and willing to hear yourself calling to be loved by You.

I am open and willing, trusting and freeing us all.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue