Thursday, December 01, 2022

What's Right For You?

Ask Yourself.

Listen within!

Choose what works for You!


I do what is right for me, because it sets me free.

I listen inside and abide with what is good and true.

I forgive my mistakes and choose again.

I am my best when I do what is right.

What’s Right?

Is it right for you to be busy?

Is it right for you to be still?

Is it right for you to be giving?

Is it right for you to be receiving?

Are you at peace with your life?

Are you sharing what you have?

Are you living life your way?

Would you rather be full or depleted? 

How often to do wish for something different?

Are you waiting for magic or intervention?

Do you think about dying or living?

Are you satisfied with everything you have? 

Do you clean up after yourself?

Do you handle your words with care?

Are you willing to support your bad habits?

Are you open to changing what is not right for you?

Is it time for you to stop what is wrong for you?

Do you trust you can make your life better?

Are you needing help making amends for your mistakes?

Do you need some help to make things right again? 

How often do you make promises and break them?

How easily do you actually say: “I am sorry”?

How do you show your love and do what’s right?

Are you waiting for others to do what’s right first?

Have you taken some time to do some honest “soul searching”?

Are you willing to write down what you Really Want?

What will it take for you to begin making changing?

How can you get unstuck from what is wrong for you?

You are the chooser.

Your life is at stake.

You can begin today.

You can take one step at a time.

Be willing and open.

Be forgiving and kind.

Be honest and true.

Remember to always love you.

Listen within and follow what is right and good and true for you.

Always loving you, 

Betty Lue