Tuesday, November 29, 2022

What Do You Need?


Give what you want to receive.

Be the One who shows the way.

Value All You Give and How You Live!


I am fulfilled with the Love I share.

I live to Love.

Everything that I give is given with Love.

In the giving, I am receiving all I give.

What Do You Need Now?

"What the world needs now is Love, Sweet Love.

That’s the only thing there’s too little of.”

Do you need love?

Do your children and family and friends need Love?

Do you show people you love them?

Do you tell people you love them?

Are you aware that people know you love them?

Are they receiving your love?

How often do you receive love from others?

How do you know who is loving you?

How do others know you love them too?

Are you full of love and fulfilled in sharing your love?

What if you don’t know what you need?

What if others don’t know what they are missing?

Is it possible that people are afraid of showing their love?

Are you open and free in your loving?

My observations shows that we are withholding our Love from one another.

I have realized that people are afraid to fully and freely Love.

I have seen how we defend, deny and distract ourselves from Love.

Why are we afraid to innocently give and receive Love and appreciation?

It is fun, safe and easy to love.

Loving doesn’t hurt but withholding love does.

Giving Love to Get love can hurt, if we are disappointed.

Giving Love freely with no expectations simply feels fulfilling.

Caring about one another is freeing.

Love is our natural state.

To realize Who we are and Why we are here can only be found in Loving.

To fully experience the Gift of our Love, we must give our Love.

Love is unlimited.

It replenishes itself with more Love.

Love flows from us as a fountain flows freely from its Source.

What we learn is that Love is an ever-expanding resource as long as it is given.

And so it is.

Remember to love no matter what.

Remember that Love is your way to remember.

Love is the Gift you came to give and share.

I enjoy loving you without limit or sacrifice.

Betty Lue