Saturday, November 26, 2022



I forgive myself for forgetting, ignoring or neglecting any promise or intention I have made.

I trust myself to be true to my promises to love no matter what.

I easily and quickly forgive broken promises.

I choose to support, encourage and facilitate trust with everyone.

Keep Your Promises!

Remember the promises that you make to others.

Remember the promises you have made to yourself.

Remember the agreements, declarations and commitments you make.

Remember self esteem, confidence and trustworthiness depend on you keeping your promises.

How do family and friends trust us?

How do our children learn to tell the truth?

How do we have confidence in ourselves?

It all depends on whether we are honest and true to what we say and do.

We make false promises to get leverage.

Temporary promises are made to get an advantage.

Promises may be made to motivate and inspire.

Egoic promises are often used to get something in return.

When we do not keep our promises, trust is broken.

When we say one thing and do another, people stop believing in us.

When we are not reliable or dependable, even we do not trust ourselves.

With nothing to depend on, security, safety and trust is unreliable.

Life often distracts us from being true to what we mean.

We may forget or neglect ourselves and others from what we intend.

We may judge others as not keeping their promises and agreements without honoring our own.

We may use promises and agreements to get what we want with no intention of being true.

To build confidence in ourselves, we must make honest promises to ourselves.

To develop faith in ourselves, we must keep our agreements with ourselves and others.

To enjoy a life that feels stable and secure, we must remind ourselves of our true values daily.

To establish a strong reputation and image, we must be totally reliable with keeping agreements.

Stop and consider what promises you have made and not fulfilled.

Look at implied promises of parents, partners and friends you may have ignored.

Recognize what you may have promised yourself repeatedly, but let go without acknowledgment.

See in others what you have taught them to expect from you and returned to you.

Live your promises and agreements.

When you decide to change your agreements, communicate the changes.

Honor your agreements to build confidence, safety and trust in all your relationships.

Recognize you build your own strength, courage and trust with being dependable and reliable.

Keeping your promises is truly your gift of Love.

I intend to keep my agreements to love you no matter what!

And so I am and do Love You,

Betty Lue