Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Letting Go


Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Using affirmations clears our resistance.

Allowing all things to be brings peace.

Breathing fully and freely makes letting go easy.

Let Go and Allow Flow!

Don’t over stay your welcome.

Don’t stay too long.

Don't leave too soon.

“Love waits on welcome, and not on time.” ACIM

When the flow of Love stops, it is time to let go.

When we block our awareness of Love, it is time to step away.

When we unconsciously have shut down the flow of joy and gratitude, step back.

Find the flow of Love within and share it once again.

When there is judgment and fear, flow is restricted.

When there is guilt and regret, love is withheld.

When there is anger and resentment, flow is blocked.

Let go and open the flow.

When feeling judged or judging, there is lack of love.

When thinking you are unwelcome, there is a call for love.

When worrying and analyzing what is wrong, it is time to send blessings.

When uncertain, fearful and hurt, seek to see things differently.

Look for the opening to continue giving.

Seek encouragement to find a way.

Support yourself with forgiveness and gratitude.

Open your mind and listen to your heart.

Relationships change form.

Jobs are completed.

Families and friends move on.

Times change and transform.

Clinging feels needy.

Judging makes unhappiness.

Being hurt creates pain.

Trying to understand is fruitless.

Learning to accept without regret requires more love.

Allowing freedom with trust opens the flow of love.

Awakening to what is next in life inspires looking for love.

Welcoming change with gratitude yields hope for renewed love.

Letting go as easy as breathing.

Letting go clears the way for more love.

Letting go is freedom flowing.

Letting go is the opening to lasting Love.

Appreciating you for learning to let go with “No, thanks!

Appreciating you for allowing only Good with “Yes, please.!

You are responsible for choosing what is best for you.

Betty Lue