Saturday, November 05, 2022


Affirmations:  Use affirmations to erase limiting thinking!

I count my blessings and thrive.

I clear my judgments and show my appreciation.

I know gratitude works to increase Good for All.

I receive and give abundantly .

Count Your Blessings!

Kids who count their blessings are happier and more successful.

Adults who are truly grateful are happier, healthier and more successful.

Gratitude works for us all mentally, physically, relationally and financially.

Learn to count your blessings day by day.

When we learn to be grateful, we have learned the most life changing tool.

Gratitude heals.

Gratitude inspires.

Gratitude creates.

When we are truly thankful, we awaken infinite possibility.

When we show our gratitude, others are lifted up by our presence.

When we speak with praise, we inspire ourselves to remember the Good.

When we fully appreciate, we increase our vibration and generate more goodness.

Life is a gift.

Our gratitude expands the blessings we have.

When we know we are blessed, we fully receive all the is given and received.

When we value what we have, we receive more with each blessing.

Talk about how good life is.

Teach others gratitude by appreciating them.

Show people how being happy assures more happiness.

Watch how you and others thrive with your joyful and praise-filled living.

Eliminate the negative.

Accentuate the positive.

Recognize what you see, you find or make up.

What you hold in your mind, you create like kind.

Understand, you can look into the shadows and find what is dark.

You can look into the light and see only light.

And when you shine your light into the dark, the dark disappears.

What we need to see to be happy and free is Light, Light, Light.

The enlightened mind lifts limitations into possibilities.

The awakened heart finds Love washes away the fear.

The grateful being feels joy and generosity.

Blessings abound those who appreciate their blessings.

Let us all be grateful for the Good life we have.

Let us seek to judge, complain and make ourselves miserable.

Let us always bless the goodness in our lives.

And make sure we bless everyone who loves, serves and remembers to be grateful.

Very grateful for you and all those who remind me to be thankful.

Betty Lue