Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Appreciate Your Life!

I appreciate and celebrate all of us.

We are here together to heal and learn.

We are here to find our way to contribute.

We are here to learn to live and give our best.

Bless us all everyone.


Light, Light, More Light.

I shine my Light of Love on everyone I know.

I freely share the Light and Love within.

I give and receive all Good for the Good of All.

Shine A Light On Your Life!

Look around you and see where you are.

Do you see where you live?

Are you aware of the sun shining on you?

Are you breathing fresh air and drinking good water?

Pay attention to what you have.

Do you sleep warm with clean sheets and a blanket?

Do you have enough good healthy food to eat?

And yes, do you have a working vehicle and a little extra money?

Listen within you and remember what you love.

Do you have someone or something to love each day?

Are you caring for yourself and your home?

Do you love your family, your pets and plants?

Let us notice how Good Life Is.

Shine a light on your life and see what you see.

Keep looking for all the Good and you will see it.

So much to be grateful for, so no need to complain.

Let us remember to appreciate what we have.

Have you expressed gratitude for you parents and your history?

Do you give thanks when you buy your groceries and eat a meal?

Do you appreciate the places and people in your everyday life?

Be grateful for the beauty around you.

Do you acknowledge the beauty of colors and sounds?

Are you noticing the amazing variety of plants and animals?

Are you a good steward of your home and vehicle you use? 

When you shine your Light of appreciation, you will see more to appreciate.

When you look for all the Good, you will have more Goodness.

When you value all you have and do, you will expand All you have to do.

When you are willing to think, speak and act with Thanksgiving, you will feel abundantly prosperous.

Let’s begin a new habit of Gladness and Gratitude.

Let’s survey our territory and offer only appreciation.

Let’s share our favorite blessings for all the Good.

Let’s remember how Good it feels to feel really Good!

I am so grateful to be here now.

I am truly grateful to share my Loving Reminders with you.

I have more Love to share everyday, when I share with you.

I give “Thanks” that we are together when we appreciate each other this way.

Loving you with no limit!

Betty Lue