Saturday, October 15, 2022

Words Create


Thoughts, words and actions teach everyone everywhere.

I forgive all thoughts and words that hurt.

My mind automatically erases everything that is not loving or true.

I choose to think and speak with wisdom and love.

Mind Your Words!


What You Say, You Create.

Thoughts are things.

Thoughts create.

Thoughts beget feelings.

Thoughts are words which you often say.

When you speak, you create.

What you say becomes your truth.

When you speak, you create both positive and negative.

Choose what you think and say.

Choose what you want to be.

Choose what you prefer to see.

Choose what you want to be heard.

What you think you create.

What you fear you create.

What you talk about you create.

What you judge you get stuck with.

We need to recognize our mis-creations.

We need to forgive our hurtful words.

We need to forgive the wrongs we have done.

We need to erase what is untrue.

When you have spoken falsely, delete.

When you have written hurtful words, erase.

When you have done what is foolish, forgive.

When you have done wrong, undo.

The past is gone.

It has no power.

Use your words wisely.

Speak only what you have learned.

Clear your mind.

Clean your mouth.

Release your emotions.

Live clean and sober in all you think and say and do.

When we tell past stories, we see them again and again.

When we delete past misdeeds, we clear them from our lives.

Thoughts create, so think good thoughts.

Words create, so speak what you choose to be.

Speak with wisdom and love.

Talk only about what you choose to be.

Use words that heal.

Express the best within you.

Loving you and loving me with everything I know within me.

Betty Lue