Tuesday, October 25, 2022



I trust in the Good in us all.

I believe in our democracy of freedom and trust.

I forgive myself for doubt and fear which “inter-fears”.

I easily let go of what blocks my love, trust and freedom.

Trust Strengthens

Learn to trust.

Trust strengthens courage.

Trust inspires resilience.

Trust heals us.

"In God We Trust."

We trust in Goodness.

In Love We Trust.

We trust in the Highest Possibility.

When we are mistaken, we learn.

When we are conflicted, we learn.

When we are lost, we learn.

When we are misled, we learn.

When we judge our mistakes, we may get stuck.

When we are ashamed, we may deceive ourselves.

When we feel guilty, we may blame others.

When we sit in judgments, we may not learn.

It is time to trust in our ability to learn from one another.

We can look at mistakes as opportunities to find a better way.

We can forgive our self-limiting judgments and open to new possibilities.

We can step away from arguing and listen thoughtfully and mindfully.

Being “right” often turns into “righteousness” and closed thinking.

When we are closed to seeing, hearing and learning more, we become ignorant.

When we are open to new information and others’ perspectives, we become wise.

Becoming defensive and even offensive is a sign of a fearful and judgmental mind.

Since we are all in this together, it is valuable to stand together, work together and join together.

We can do more when we are not in resistance to one another.

We can trust more when we listen to the joined goals and outcomes we seek.

We are never so different when we go to what we really want for one and all.

Learn to trust in the Highest Outcome.

Learn to listen for joining and similarities.

Learn to be open to others' thoughts and feelings.

Learn to care about one another with a kind heart and open mind.

When we trust in the essential Good in all, we will succeed.

When we value the freedom for everyone, we will listen to each other.

When we join hands and hearts in service of the Greater Good, life will we safe.

We can and will choose for what is right and true for us all.

Trusting me and you,

Betty Lue