Sunday, October 30, 2022

Play Your Part!


I choose to be my authentic self.

I live, love, work and play with my real self everyday.

I enjoy the way I am.

Life is a delightful kaleidoscope of color, sound, and play.

What Is Your Chosen Part to Play?

Everyday you play many parts.

You can choose the good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

You judge what is the best and worst of you.

You have parts you prefer and parts you dread.

Roles within your family are most familiar.

Nurturing or disciplining parent…..?

Obedient or contrary child……?

Devoted or absent partner and friend……?

You may believe that the part is chosen and scripted for you.

You may have adopted what others convinced you to be.

You can believe them or choose for yourself.

How do you prefer to live and give and share?

Each day you put on a new attitude and costume.

Each morning you look at the new face of you.

Each encounter you choose to greet or ignore.

Each conversation is open and welcoming or grouchy and evasive.

How can you possibly ignore what you choose daily?

Why would you want to keep doing what is not right for you?

Why continue what is unhappy, unwelcome and untrue?

Stop wearing the same costume and try something new.

The trick is that you can change roles you play.

The treat is that you will find what is just right for you.

If at first the new is uncomfortable, try it for a day.

Or you can adjust it in your own unique way.

You may be surprised by how others respond to you.

You may inspire others to change their costumes too.

Your new attitude may change their mind about you.

Your different part you play may bring out the best in you.

Consider your own freedom of choice.

Experiment with what seems natural.

Let go of the false and be real for a day.

Enjoy being what feels just right for you.

Life can be like Halloween everyday of the year.

You may be tricked or treated depending on what others prefer.

Perhaps the way you really are is what is best for you.

Be yourself and enjoy feeling free.

Loving you as you truly are,

Betty Lue