Saturday, October 22, 2022

Life Responds To You


What we reveal, we can heal.

The purpose of my life is to share the Peace and Love within me.

My function is to forgive all that is not Love.

I am here to bring forth the best I know.

Do You Know?

Your emotional energy fuels your life success.

You can change your emotions with a change of mind.

You are attracting what you experience.

All experiences are lessons, gifts, blessings and invitations.

What you seek, you will find. (So seek the Good!)

When you react with fear, you will attract more fear.

When you respond with love, more love is revealed.

Choosing the loving way will lift you out of the clouds of fear.

Life is a reflection of what you think and feel.

Where you place your focus increases.

Learning to forgive your fear, clears the way to Love.

Forgiveness is meant to erase thoughts that hurt.

Openness and willingness undoes what feels stuck.

Giving your best prevents receiving the worst.

Relinquishing expectations clears disappointment.

Asking “How can I respond?” is far more effective than “Why did this occur?”.

Your true Power is in your thoughts and words.

Be willing to grow in Love and eliminate hate.

When feeling negative emotion, step away and calm yourself.

Step forward with positive emotion and inspire your world.

You can create a field of love or live in a fortress of fear.

Choose to focus on Goodness and live with gratitude.

Ask only “How can I teach only Love?” and fear will dissolve.

Turn toward the Light and you will be guided to more Love.

Teach those you encounter with your kind energy.

Show what you know with your gentle smile, kind touch, and healing words.

Live, love, laugh and let go to demonstrate the Goodness and Gratitude you feel.

Use a healing intention to live up to your own expectations.

Remember that life is for the purpose of giving and living in Love.

Recognize that everything good and Loving is real.

Anything unkind, unloving or unhealthy is a call for Love.

Realize you are here to remember to always give the Love within you.

You are more than you know.

You are learning to realize the Spirit of Love within you.

You are here to create the experience you want.

You can use your mind and body to bring forth more Goodness, Wholeness and Love.

I am always Loving You!

Betty Lue