Thursday, October 13, 2022

Let Go!


I let go with love and gratitude.

I am given everything I need to be a joyful giver.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

I lighten my life as I easily let go.

Letting Go!

Do you have too much?

Let go.

Do you try too hard?

Let go.

Do you act too strong?

Let go.

To you hang on too much?

Let go.

Do you talk too long?

Let go.

Too much is too much.

Enough is enough.

When we are, have, do too much…….

We need to control and govern ourselves.

Where there is too much passion and intensity, we may be pushing rather than allowing.

When there is too much worrying and expectancy, we may need to control others.

When there is too much fearing and avoiding, we may be afraid of our imagined disaster.

When there is too much burden and overwhelm, we may be carrying unnecessary responsibility.

This is the season for letting go.

Time to let go of false beliefs learned long ago.

Time to let go of misplaced faith and erroneous expectations.

Time to let go of worries that consume our energy and time.

There is no need to acquire more than we need.

There is no need to push for what we want.

There is no need to do more than we can easily.

There is no need to make thing happen.

Letting go may be mental, releasing thoughts and expectations.

Letting go may be physical, releasing pain and fatigue. 

Letting go may be emotional, relinquishing resentment, blame and guilt.

Letting go may be spiritual, allowing inspiration and compassion to guide our lives.

Allow. Allow. Allow.

Trust forgiveness. It is true. The only way to Freedom. 

Let go of making life happen the way you want.

Everything works together for Good…..when you let go of interfering.

Loving your willingness to let go and trust.

Betty Lue