Tuesday, September 06, 2022



I easily and quickly release fear and worry.

I trust in my inner guidance to live on purpose.

I dream and vision what is for the highest Good.

I live in harmony with inspiration.

Time to Vision, Imagine and Dream!

When we don’t know where we are going, we will never get there.

“"Without Vision, the People will perish."

Most people have lost their way.

Some actually like to just “hang out and see what happens.”

You can be adrift in the ocean of life without a north star.

You can see where the winds of time will take you

You can keep wandering through life without a goal.

You can adopt a "wait and see" attitude with no direction.

Some prefer the mystery to simply be trusting in the universe.

You will discover that others will lead and mislead you.

You will experience that constant course corrections take you in circles.

Life will simply bring up again and again the same programmed outcomes.

When you as 'sick and tired' of being 'sick and tired' you will choose again.

When you let others program your life, you can take your life back.

You can play victim of whatever seems comfortable and familiar..

Or you can choose life the way you want it to be.

What do you want?

Make your own quick spontaneous list of 20 wants or more.

Stop making excuses and write it all down.

Don’t let the question of “how” slow you down.

You must be totally honest with your heart’s desire.

Be willing to put it all out there.

Then take a look at what you use as your excuses.

Need Money, Planning, Time, Education, Partnership, Better Health?

You will find that most of your time is spent getting in your own way.

You will see that the past failures are defining your future progress.

You will realize that it all depends on you being responsible for you.

You will learn that the work is to let go of your own obstacles and blocks.

To get what you want is to do the work of becoming aware and then letting go.

To have the experiences you want to have, you need to give attention to them.

To enjoy life is to have the life you have with full appreciation and drop regret.

To fulfill your dreams is to first have the dream and then do what it takes to enjoy.

How hard can it be to let go of all worries, excuses, limitations, faulty thinking?

How unhappy do you need to get, to forget about being miserable and choose happiness?

How fearful can it be to step our with courage and do what you really want to do?

Are you ready and willing to live the life you really want, when and where and how you want?

Start by visioning your ideas and then you can begin to make it real.

I love you for 'going for it'.

Dare to dream and then go for it!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue