Wednesday, September 28, 2022



I love my life and my life loves me.

 I choose to treat my whole life with respect and appreciation.

The more I value and appreciate my life, the more meaning I experience.

 I  give meaning and value to everything I think, say and do.

Meaning in Life

What do you value?

What is important to you?

Where do you contribute?

How do you give?

Purpose gives meaning.

Meaning inspires life.

Life energy feels valuable.

What is valuable sustains us.

And so it is to live with meaning is essential to all life.

Do you live to survive or thrive?

Do you live to defend or feel safe?

Do you live to get by or prosper?

When we know what we value, we can find meaning.

We can give everything we do and say the meaning we give it.

We give meaning to what we value.

When we do not value ourselves and our lives, life is meaningless.

Connect with people who have found meaning in life.

Notice the compassion they have for those around them.

Feel the passion they feel for being helpful and caring.

Be aware of how they spend their rime, money and energy.

Take time to clarify what you value.

Pay attention to the people, places and things you value most.

Give more of yourself to what you value.

When you contribute, you find more meaning in life.

Give to your health, if you value health.

Give to your family, if you value family.

Invest in your financial future, if you value abundance.

Give to your environment, if you value the earth and its bounty.

Where you give, you will receive the benefit.

When you give, your life has meaning.

How you give, you feel the passion.

Contribution is how we find and receive meaning.

When life is meaningless, you feel empty, disconnected and alone.

When your life is meaningful, you feel fulfilled, connected and at one.

Bless yourself by contributing to a meaningful and purposeful life.

Value your life and you will know you are valuable.

Valuing you in all you are and do, 

Betty Lue