Wednesday, September 14, 2022

How Do You Relate To Yourself?


Everyone matters.

I matter to the Good of All.

Life gives us life to be used for Goodness.

I choose to use my life for the benefit of All.

You Matter

Start relating well with yourself.

Get to know what you want.

Understand what makes you happy.

Learn how to appreciate yourself.

What do you enjoy doing?

What is your favorite activity?

Who are the people you enjoy the most?

How much do you like your life right now?

What would you do to improve your life, if you could?

Do you prefer being alone or with people?

Do you like to talk and share or listen and observe?

Are you sleeping and eating well?

What can you do to make your life better?

Who do you like to talk with about any concerns?

How best do you express yourself?  On phone or in person?

Are you better at handling problems by yourself or in writing? 

Do you prefer being inside or outside? At home or at work?

What are your gifts and talents? Are you using them daily?

What do you do for relaxation and enjoyment?

How often do you “give thanks” and fully appreciate your life?

You have created the life as you experience it.

You have judged yourself as you believe yourself to be.

You have authored and directed and scripted the life you have.

You have chosen what you want, choose, do and experience.

This is your life.

Learn from your life.

Enjoy your experiences.

Delete and choose again as needed,

You are able to respond to you with love or with fear.

You are able to respond to your life with appreciation or criticism.

You are able to laugh or cry at what you perceive your life to be.

You are able to respect, trust and enjoy your life or not, as you so choose.

Would it make a difference if you enjoyed the life you have?

Would it be important to learn how to appreciate what you have?

It is essential that you learn to value what you value and let go of the rest.

It is necessary to stop denying and hurting yourself with negative thoughts about you.

To be happy, set yourself free from guilt and fear, worry and resentment.

To be healthy, forgive learned false beliefs and limiting stories you tell.

To be fulfilled, remember the good, beautiful and loving acts of kindness, given and received.

Realize this life adventure is all to learn how to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and at peace.

Loving the ways we learn from our lives,

Betty Lue