Saturday, September 10, 2022



I choose to trust in Good.

I choose to appreciate all Good.

I choose all Good and only Good.

I choose to remember my Source.

Appreciation Increases Value.

Learn to appreciate and celebrate.

It seems that people have learned to denigrate.

It seems people lose their energy and get sick.

Perhaps we are sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Let every negative thought wake you up.

Let every criticism remind you to be grateful.

Let all hurt feelings remind you to be kind.

Let your fearful mind remind you to love more.

It seems easy to go down and get stuck there.

It may seem natural to let go and sink in the mud.

It might be what is familiar and comfortable to lay down.

We might have been taught to look down so you don’t trip and fall.

All that is down must go up to be abundantly alive.

All that is negative will attract more negative.

All that is resentful will turn sour and unattractive.

All that is hurtful will increase the pain and regret.

Are you ready to turn it all around?

When you feel sick, think, do and say what is healing, helpful and healthy.

When you feel hurt and pain, turn to what makes you smile with joy and appreciation.

When you feel dark and confused, look at the light and seek only clarity.

People seem to have learned “Misery loves company.”

People seem to seek agreement about how bad it is.

People seem to gravitate to danger, disaster and drama.

People focus on and give energy to what will beget more of the same!!

It is time to change our mind.

It is time to look forward instead of back.

It is time to lift ourselves up out of the dark and smelly sewer of despair.

Each one can do the work, look toward the light of appreciation and love.

Consider where you want to go, rather than where you have been.

Consider how you want to feel and feel it now with appreciation.

Consider what you want to think and say to inspire yourself and others.

Consider what you can do rather than what you think you cannot do.

It is simply a choice to live abundantly with joy and appreciation.

It is our choice to choose a life of gratitude of enjoyment or misery of longing.

It is an everyday intention set to be what you want to be and see.

It is ours alone what we do and say, receive and give.

Learn to say “No, Thank You.” when it is not good for you.

Learn to say “Yes. Please” when it inspires and fulfills you.

Learn to give to others only what you want for yourself.

Learn to appreciate each day as the best you can be and do and say.

These are the words I hear, when I simply turn my mind to the Good.

This is what I am called to share, when I place my hands on the keys and listen with my heart.

This is what I knew was true when I turned my whole life over to Goodness and Love in 1976.

Since then, I have learned and lived, loved and healed, been blessed by all I give and receive.

Always Loving you and me as One.

Betty Lue