Sunday, July 03, 2022

What Works?


I forgive and erase what does not work.

I choose again what works for me and for others.

I pay attention to what works best for the earth.

I give thanks for the good works in life.

Focus on What Works!

When everything seems to not be working, what works for you?

When people seem to be sick and tired, what works for you?

When life seems to be delivering lemons, what will work for you?

When you are in a funk, chaos, grief or at a total loss, what will work for you?

I notice that folks often quit when they are down.

I watch the attitude of kids who lose, often stop trying.

I see those who are hurt or feel rejected and betrayed may feel sorry for themselves.

I observe that the teams that lose have often quit much earlier in the game.

Are you someone who knows how to win no matter what the score?

Are you someone who quits before you achieve success?

Do you rise above what others think and keeps going?

Are you someone who gets discouraged and depressed by the odds against you?

Have you settled into making yourself comfortable with whatever is?

Do you strive for what you envision for yourself and learn what will work?

Have you learned that you must accept and allow for whatever happens?

Do you learn and earn more awareness and knowledge from all experiences?

What works for some is to simply accept and let life be.

What works for some is to keep challenging the status quo.

What works for some is to fight for everything you want.

What works for some is to forgive your own self-defeating attitude.

Everyone is here to learn.

When we allow our thoughts to interfere with our choices to achieve, we get in our own way.

When we make up that we cannot have or achieve, we realize that we are doing the interfering.

When we clear our mind of fear and doubt, we begin to think about what we hold in our minds.

What works for me is to forgive and erase.

What works for me is to trust in the highest outcome.

What works for me is to believe all things work together for good.

What works for me is to waste no time complaining about what is not mine.

What works for me is to seek only the best for you and for me.

What works for me is the see the good and the learning in all things.

What works for me is to give my best and let the rest simply be.

What works for me is to enjoy and be grateful for all the Good in my life.

What does work for you?

If you like to be blue, be blue.

If you want to be happy, be happy.

If you want to succeed, appreciate your success.

What works for me is writing these Loving Reminders every morning (for 23+ years) for me and you.

I am loving this way of Loving us all.

This is my spiritual practice and my daily reminder of what life is for me to be.

Love only Love,

Betty Lue