Monday, June 13, 2022

You Make A Difference


Life is Good and getting Better.

I Am here to be truly helpful.

I make a difference in everything I think, say and do.

My life is a gift to me and my world.

You Make A Difference!

If you are here, you are here to be helpful.

If you are aware, you are here to contribute.

If you are willing, you are here to make a difference.

There is so much need and you can share what you have!

Have you noticed how good you feel, when you make someone happy?

Have you felt the surge in energy, when you share your love?

Have you observed your helpfulness gives meaning to your life?

You make a difference for yourself when you make a difference in your world!

What you give, you receive.

Often not from the same place you have given, but always the gift returns to you.

When we stop expecting something, we will be surprised by the good that comes.

Everything shared without need for reciprocation often returns in greater ways.

It is for us to understand.

We are not here by accident.

We are on purpose where we are.

There is always much to be given for the Greater Good.

Go beyond what you feel is normal.

Do the extraordinary!

Give to perfect strangers…….

But maybe there are not really strangers ???

When we give to fill a need, we are filling a need in ourselves.

When we love someone well, we are loving the well in ourselves.

When we share our very best, we feel our very best as well.

We are always receiving the gifts we have to share and then receiving more to give.

Life is a circle.

Our contributions for health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment for others return to us.

We grow everything with our appreciation and contribution.

We are an integral link in the circle which we are here to be..

Strong in faith.

Clear in vision.

Absolute in commitment.

Generous in our action.

We can always be grateful for what we have to share.

We can always be kind in what we have to say.

We can always be certain our good works are a blessing.

We can always be happy we are here to make a difference.

Loving you everyday!

Betty Lue

The full moon will be tomorrow, Tuesday!

*** Our full moon thought for June ***

Sometimes, in decision-making situations, it can be helpful to ask yourself the exact opposite of what is on your mind. For example, instead of “What do I want?” you might ask “What don’t I want?”, or instead of “What is the right thing?” just “What is the wrong thing?”. Or instead of “What am I saying no to?” simply “What am I saying yes to?”. Especially when our minds move in endless loops and we feel helpless in the face of the rising lack of courage within, opposing questions can signify a turning point. The freedom that this creates can carry us far …

The exact time of the next full moon is:

Tuesday * 14 June 2022 * 4;51 AM PDT