Wednesday, June 15, 2022

What Can You Do?


I choose wisely for the Greater Good.

I am responsible for my own choices.

I relinquish fear and choose for Love.

I know I can always find a better way.

You Are At Choice!

You are responsible for what you choose.

You can respond with Love or react with fear.

You can prepare yourself to respond rather than react.

You can choose what works for the highest Good.

Judgment encourages that which we judge.

Fear begets more fear.

What we resist persists.

When we support a fearful and defensive world, we build separation and fences.

Forgiveness encourages forgiveness.

Love creates more love.

When we let go, we allow good.

When we release fear and come near, we build connection and respect.

Drop the Fear which creates what you don’t want.

Choose Love which is what you do want.

Forgive the drama which is what you don’t want.

Be conscious, respectful and compassion which you do want.

Everything that is not Love is a call for Love.

All fear, hate, craziness, violence is calling for a response.

Our reactions and judgments create more fearful reactions.

When we hide and avoid one another, our fear shuts out our ability to Love.

My Dad was a pacifist during World War II, but was required to go.

He was in the infantry and on the way to the front lines, the war ended.

Thank God, because he told us “I will never shoot another young man who may be a father just like me.”

I was 2 yrs old and aware he might never come home to us.

The rest of his life was devoted to making connections and helping everyone.

We hosted 5 American Field Service teens for a year in our home and many others for brief visits.

My folks traveled to 85 countries to build friendship and deeper understanding.

My Mom continued to correspond with all they met annually through the rest of her life. 

They always offered everyone a place to stay and meals, and sent anyone away.

They were truly ambassadors for peace and goodwill in our world.

What can you do?

You can stop spreading hatred and fear.

You can cease gossip and fanaticism.

You can begin to listen and understand.

We can all do our part to connect and offer peace.

We can grow in our respect and compassion.

We can put people first and not money or things.

We can give our best where it counts to people and their needs.

This is once again our time to step up and do the right thing.

This is our time to live by our principles, mores and values.

This is our time to walk the talk and share our kindness.

This is our time to learn how to truly love one another.

I love our nation and the freedom we stand for.

It is time to teach by example Trust in good can bring.

We are being challenged to live by what we believe.

I trust we will heal and learn and grow to find our way.

Believing in you and me and all that sets us free.

Betty Lue