Tuesday, June 07, 2022



I appreciate and the life I have chosen.

I value and enjoy the life I have.

I easily release everything I no longer value.

I value the good things in life.

What You Value You Create!

Do you recognize the power of value?

Do you understand what you give attention to has power?

Do you know you are creating more of what you value?

Are you aware of what you value?

If you have it in your life, you must have given it value.

If you have a lot of it in your life, you must have valued it greatly.

If you value struggle, you will have an abundance of struggle.

If you value peace, you will have an abundance of peace.

So when you look at your life, can identify what you value?

Valuing sleep more than other things, you will have more sleep.

If there is something you value more, (TV, work, Drama, worry), you will have more of that.

It is difficult to discern what your valuing has created, unless you look deeply.

Our thoughts, words and activities demonstrate what we value.

How we spend our time, energy and money shows what we value.

Even when we are negatively valuing, we still are demonstrating our values.

Trying not to get sick may create more worry about sickness.

Focusing on health and happiness is not the same as avoiding or preventing sickness and sadness.

Avoidance of something is also valuing.

Turn around negatives into positives to accurately demonstrate what you really want.

Instead of trying not to get sick or deny aging, choose to appreciate enjoying a life of radiant health. 

Valuing is giving energy to what has importance to you.

You may have learned to try to be by trying not to be.

This creates confusion in your creative mind.

It is best to affirm you are and have and do what is true for you.

I AM healthy and happy. 

I AM powerful and creative.

I have everything I desire.

I enjoy everything I have.

I do what is highest and best for me.

I do what brings me health, happiness and fulfillment.

Life works for me, because I appreciate the life I have chosen.

I value what brings me health, happiness and more opportunities to teach and learn.

I have a life rich in loving learning serving, appreciating and enjoying.

I easily let go and correct any focus on what I prefer not to have.

I totally love, learn and appreciate my relationship with you.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue