Wednesday, June 01, 2022



I breathe to be fully alive in love.

I allow breath to be a moment of great appreciation.

Breath is my affirmation of life.

I pause to consciously breathe to more fully enjoy my life.

Take A Moment to Breathe.

Life is moving quickly for most of us.

When we fill every moment, we may forget to breathe.

Not just the necessary breathing, but a long slow savoring breath.

Breathing fully and freely, deeply and enjoyably is a blessing.

We are each breathing for all of us.

Each breath is connected with every other “breather”.

We are all breathing the life energy from all time.

We are taking in what is life giving and breathing out what is life.

Slow deep breathing enlivens our bodies and refreshes our minds.

We are each choosing to breathe as much as we want.

There is a great sufficiency of air for all of us without denying anyone.

We purify the breath we are taking in as we breathe out what is good for all.

The plants and trees are our friends, our co creators in the breathing business.

We give them what is life enhancing and they return the favor.

When we are breathing out the goodness of life energy, we are receiving others in as well.

There is a reciprocity of life in all things we think and say and do.

Do you think about your life as having meaning and purpose and benefit to all?

Are you aware that your appreciation for what is within you and around you benefits you?

Do you understand that what you seek is both copies and responded to by the universe?

We are each here to choose to pause and reflect on our life and to choose again to breathe.

Life is our story, our movie, our reflection and projection.

Life is the way we count the days and ways we give and take.

Life is the time in which we choose and refuse what we want.

Life is the gift of giving and creating the world in which we live.

When we take a moment to breathe, we pause to see what life is.

When we linger in the breathe we slow enough to feel what is real.

When we allow the transition from inspiration to expiration, we choose.

When we meditate on breathing we come to the stillness within.

There are many breathing techniques in exercise, yoga, childbirth, meditation.

Breathing consciously is a natural tool for self understanding.

Breathing slowly in rhythm releases pain, fear, judgment and brings peace.

This gift of life can teach us everything about ourselves and our life choices.

Pause and enjoy your breath.

You are living your life one breath at a time.

Life is worth enjoying.

Love YourSelf Well, 

Betty Lue