Sunday, June 19, 2022

Great Fathers


I forgive myself for not always understanding men need daily care, appreciation, rest and renewal.

I am aware and respect what helps men heal and grow in wisdom, compassion and open-mindedness.

I release regrets and resentments with people not knowing how to love men as well as women.

I honor the men in my life for how they try to be helpful and what they do for love.

Let’s Love All Fathers!

(It is time for us all to find a better way to love and honor men and boys.)

Great Fathers make no assumptions, keep agreements, take nothing personally, do their best.

Imperfect fathers neglect to listen, forget things, get hurt and angry, and get lazy sometimes. 

Everyone is learning and growing, healing and becoming more aware.

Love all Fathers!


They may not know what they are doing.

They may not make the best choices.

They may not always give you what you want.

They are people who deserve our love and respect.

Forgive them.

Love them.

Honor them.

Appreciate them.

When anyone disappoints you, love them anyway.

When anyone hurts your feelings, forgive them anyway,

When anyone is not there for you, love them anyway.

When you learn to love no matter what, you will feel whole.

Everyone is healing their past.

Everyone is doing the best they know.

Everyone is trying to survive or grow.

Everyone deserves our forgiveness for what they do not know and appreciation for trying to be better.

Some of you have great fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers or surrogate fathers.

Love and appreciate them, by letting them know.

Some of you have unhappy, neglectful, fearful and angry fathers.

Forgive their ignorance and their failures and learn how to sho love, peace, blessings and wisdom.

Everyone deserves the best we have.

We need to stop making assumptions and love them anyway.

Everyone needs to feel loved, especially if they have not been well loved.

We need to show them our love and share with them our appreciation and good wishes.

The men coming home from war with deep unhealed trauma and pain deserve  our love.

The addicted and wounded men who have never had kindness and comfort deserve our help.

The productive and unemotional men who just know how to work and watch sports deserve gratitude.

The angry men who don’t know how to love and care for themselves and others need our care.

We know fathers who try and cry when they don’t understand why they are not enough.

We know fathers who are never really heard and hurt inside because they feel used.

We know fathers who are alone and don’t have anyone to say "thank you" or get a hug.

We know fathers who just do what they are expected to do and still need us to care.

Take time to make a call or write a note, or give a hug with “Thank You, Dad.” 

I thank my Father for his gifts to me.

He was brave and respected the principles he lived by.

He taught us by his example and spoke the truth he believed.

I honor him and all those who chose to live their own truth.

He taught me to respect every belief and always look deeper.

"Thank you", fathers in our world who try to protect and provide.

Loving you for daring to always remember to Love with all our heart and mind and soul.

Betty Lue

And thank the many single women who try to be nurturers and providers (fathers and mothers) with their children.

May all of us appreciate ourselves and others for doing the best we know every day.