Sunday, June 05, 2022

Be Responsible!


It is fun, safe and easy to be responsible and respectful.

I influence and inspire those around me by behaving with maturity.

I feel capable and appreciated when I think, speak and act as an adult.

I am considerate and helpful teaching everyone to do the same.

How To Be Adult

Are you taking responsibility for your life?

Do you let your emotions and pleasures make decisions?

Are you proud of being capable of caring for yourself?

Do you respect the rights and privileges of being grownup?

Some say that mature and responsible behavior now shows up in those 35 or older.

There was a time when 18-21 year olds were all totally responsible for our lives.

We graduated from high school and college and went to work, bought a home, had a family.

We never asked for help or money from our parents because we wanted to be responsible.

Do you take care of your elderly parents or expect them to take care of you?

Do you appreciate what your parents have given and taught you?

If you don’t have a responsible parent at home, do you have someone you admire?

Have you learned how to take care of yourself, with earning money, healthcare, quality relationships?

We have a world where being irresponsible or immature is celebrated.

We seem to have forgotten how to be an adult and take care of what is not adequate or healthy.

While in the past being drunk was shameful, we now seem to condone and even encourage drugs.

If you don’t like what is happening, we often neglect it and choose to ignore or go numb.

Perhaps the role models for adulthood are now unnoticed or unappreciated.

Perhaps we have made immaturity seem glamorous or attractive. (Social media)

Perhaps our sports and entertainment stars are seen as examples of a good life.

Perhaps maturity is seen as being displeasing or unappreciated or not fun.

Children need responsible parents.

Employers need responsible employees.

The world needs responsible leaders.

We need responsible respectful people in our lives.

It is time to clean up our act and grow up.

It is our job to be mature and responsible.

It is essential we learn self-discipline and self-control.

It is healthy to use our time and energy and money wisely.

When do we spend quality time with our loved ones?

How do we use our money, for guilty pleasures or for what really matters?

Can we work to provide what is essential and not what entertains?

Are we all willing to step away from games and forgetfulness and do the Real Work in life?

What is our real work?

To take full responsibility for the quality of our lives, relationship, health and finances.

When we don't know how, to actively learn how to do better in all areas of our lives.

To create a better world for ourselves and others while encouraging everyone to do better.

To learn and teach the principles of a good, happy, healthy and helpful life.

To make no assumptions, keep our agreements, give our best and take nothing personally.

To calm ourselves and clear our minds before making responsible decisions.

To respect our own needs, value the good within and use our gifts and talents wisely.

We can all become more conscious and become fully responsible for the quality of our lives.

Loving us all as we learn together to be learn and become better every day.

Betty Lue

Let's grow up and appreciate being respectful, responsible and truly helpful!