Friday, May 20, 2022

What's New In Your Life?


I love to learn from everyone and everything.

Life is fun, safe and easy when I am open and willing.

I quickly forgive my mistakes so I can learn and remember.

I show up each day alive, alert and ready to learn. 

What’s New?

Life is a school.

Some see it as an experimental laboratory.

Perhaps learning is based on what you see. U-tube, movies observation.

Your learning may be through trial and error.

You can sleep, not show up or get failing grades if you choose.

You can learn quickly and easily without much stress.

You can copy from others lives and get their lessons.

You can spend you time wishing you could just skip this year.

Everything is a lesson with something to be learned.

Some are slow in learning because of fear or resistance.

Some get distracted and are busy trying to avoid the lessons.

Some get life projects and assignments that are too hard.

Some are too embarrassed to ask for help from others.

You know what I am talking about.

It is your life and mine that is filled with everyday homework.

When we love to learn and pay attention, we do really well.

When we resist learning and getting our work done, we struggle.

There are many simple objectives to this learning stuff.

The goal is to learn the lessons by doing the work and passing the tests.

We can get help learning with observation, the teachers, and our fellow students.

We can accelerate or put off the learning by choice: to work or not to work!

Grades are given according to our ability to practice the lessons we learn.

Getting it right once doesn’t finish the work.

We need to practice and remember to keep on practicing.

When we know something well, it is incorporated in our everyday life.

Attitude is everything.

With a positive learning attitude in life, we learn until we are done.

We can take a vacation, but may forget important lessons while taking a break.

So keep up the good work and see how fun, safe and easy life learning can be.

Show up and stay awake in life’s school.

Pay attention and learn from everything.

Teach others by being a happy learner.

And you will graduate with honors.

Remember this is your life school.

You can make it serious, dangerous and difficult.

Or you can choose it to be fun, safe and easy.

Do the work and life school will work for you!

Loving to learn from everything and everyone all the time.

Betty Lue