Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Screen Time For Kids and Adults


I use my time wisely and well.

I engage my mind and body in meaningful, productive, inspiring activities. 

I put people first and do not interrupt my conversations.

I maintain my relationships in the more healthy and effective ways I know.

Are We Addicted?

Does Anyone Care?

Is anyone doing the research?

Do we understand what is natural, healthy and good for us?

Are we a generation needing entertainment and connection and filling every moment?

I remember setting my infant in front of the TV when I was dressing for work in 1965.

However there was no television on during the day or at night.

I was busy at work and busy at home.

She was busy with school and day care and having fun at home as she became mobile.

Fifty years ago, we began focusing on fascination with screens above people.

Some have the television on all day and night no matter what with never silence.

Some use the phone to play games, do research, get news and gossip.

Some use their screen time to avoid, hide, escape, entertain, feel connected.

Is there a healthy limit?

Are we interfering with real relationships?

Do people feel excluded and unimportant?

Have we normalized using the screen, computer, cell phone and video games to avoid people?

People talk about each other rather than with one another.

Kids learn a favorite TV show comes before them.

Often folks fill boredom and loneliness with screen time.

It seems many go to bed with TV and sleep with the TV on.

Is it possible we are developing an inability to be alone?

Are we afraid of silence and using our inner time to find peace?

Are we creating more fear by watching and listening to the news/

Are we programming ourselves to be unable to converse in kind respectful ways?

What happens to a child’s brain when the scene changes every few seconds or minutes?

Are we losing our ability to focus and hold a conversation for an hour in person?

Does violent crazy confused thinking increase with extended time watching it?

Do we make fun, bully gossip and act rude because of what we see on TV?

Have we changed our manners due to what we see and hear on the screen?

Are we unable to focus and have social skills because of what we watch?

Do we no longer have the ability to attend and calm ourselves because of our programming?

Is sleep more difficult because of the over stimulation of our brains?

I suggest research for adults and teens and kids.

Find out what is healthy and unhealthy.

Google “healthy limits on screen time for kids and adults.”

There are many many websites with great information for us all.

Remember adults set the example.

Do what you say is best for others.

Follow your own rules.

We need moderation in all things.

We will see our addiction when we cannot put it down, or turn off the TV or computer.

Try one week or even one day without technology. 

Try eating as a family or spending an evening with no TV, computer, cell phone or video games.

Try vacationing just spending time together.

I trust humanity will begin to see the sleep problems, attention difficulties, violent speech and behavior, disrespect for parents and teachers in teens, headaches and eating disorders and must more related to what we view and listen to on screen.

It has many problems associated with it, yet people seem to be addicted.

Do the research and make a log of all your time on phone, TV, playing games or checking facebook.

Thanks for caring and sharing.

Our own research and observation is always the best source of what is right for you and your family.

Loving You, 

Betty Lue