Saturday, May 07, 2022



I am willing to clear the limitations in my mind with ease and joy.

I erase the fear and see clearly the gift in all things.

I no longer condemn, but choose to forgive.

Life is a mirror in which I see the goodness and beauty in myself.

Everything You See

“What you see is what you get.”

“Everything I see is a part of me.”

“I could not see it if it was not in me.”

“What I perceive in another, I strengthen in myself.”

Can it be that what I am seeing lives within me?

Somewhere in me I have the beauty I am projecting onto you?

Somewhere I have the awareness and experience in me that I am seeing in my world.

If I did not know it, I could not see it.

It is how I judge what I see that the upset reaction I have or the love response I give.

It is what I think about what I see that causes the feelings I experience.

It is how I perceive my world, with attraction or avoidance that determines what I learn and teach.

It is how I forgive my judgments and return to love that increases my own Self-Love.

The gift of appreciation is the inspiration to celebrate and enjoy what I perceive.

When we see everything and everyone with the eyes of love, we see more.

Our forgiveness gives us everything we want and so much happiness.

When we learn to be inspired, we begin to enjoy all experiences as forging=ving learning opportunities.

How we react comes from our learned fear.

Yes, the world teaches us to stay clear of what we fear.

When we become curious and want to know, we let go and open our minds.

With an willing mind and open heart, we can see with the eyes of love.

The clouds of illusion drop away and we begin to see clearly the love within.

Anything and everything unlike love in us and others is always a call for love.

When we see something we perceive in darkness, we can shine the light of non judging awareness.

“This is interesting.  I wonder how I can respond with kindness. What can I do to be helpful?”

When we learn to respond without condemnation, we see ourselves with acceptance and love.

When we drop our defensiveness, we become open to live, love, laugh and learn from all life.

When we undo the false beliefs and limited thinking, we realize we are all in this together.

When we see the light within ourselves, we believe in the inner light within others.

Life is constantly showing us the projection in our minds.

Lile a movie on the screen of our life, we perceive what we have dreamed and imagined.

It all appears so we can change the movie, see it differently, enjoy the movie and/or wake up.

We are able to respond to all things with judgment or forgiveness, fear or love and see things differently.

If attracted or repulsed, there is always more to learn.

Neutrality shows us there is nothing to value but peace and love..

No drama, no karma, no neediness, no avoidance, only peace.

Everything is but a reflection of what I hold in my mind.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.

I free myself to see only love and the call for love.

I choose to see the beauty, goodness and the love within all I see.

I forgive everything and everyone, for all time, including myself.

To become a spotless mirror is our healing life work.

We are all here to heal and live in love.

Betty Lue