Thursday, May 12, 2022

Love Without Attachment


Love is Freedom and Trust.

I easily release my neediness.

I am willing to love unconditionally.

I choose to love as I want to be loved.

Love Is Letting Go of Fear.

Love is letting go.

Love is setting free.

Love is allowing what is to actually be.

Love is releasing our neediness, demands and restrictions.

Learned ways of loving come from what most parents practice and children learn.

When we get feel pressured to “Do it my way”, we are attached to how things should be.

When we think love is ownership and possession, we believe we owe the beloved our allegiance.

When we try to get people to give love the way we want love to be, we will be confused.

Love is the natural law of energy that allows things to be as they are.

I have often said, “I only want people to do and be what they want to be and do.”

When folks are trying to live up to others’ expectations, they often don’t succeed.

It may make people angry or sad trying to gain other’s approval by being what is wanted.

Consider that Unconditional Love is letting go of neediness and attachment.

Consider when we want to be together, we are loving and when we want not to be, we are loving.

Love can be the action of detachment..

Love can be what gives space and allows others to simply be.

Yes, of course there are rules of loving taught by family systems and our religious beliefs.

There are rules of conduct to maintain honesty and respect, responsibility and cooperation.

When one follows the rules, we often feel open, honest, confident, and trusting.

Consider creating rules that you prefer and inviting those you love to share their own. 

Do you love with or without conditions?

Do you expect people to be and do as you wish?

Do you trust people are always doing what they really want?

Do you want the same for yourself?

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Love others as you want to be loved.

Respect others' choices and changes as you respect your own.

Agree to what is highest and best for both parties.

When we are choosing what is highest and best for both, everyone is at peace.

When we are asking others to choose what we want, we may be causing resentment

When we are demanding that others follow our rules, we may set them up to lie or cheat.

When we invite others to express their own preferences, we are creating an environment of mutual respect.

I love you and trust you to do what is right and true for you.

I want you to create your life to work for you without causing limitation to either of us.

I am blessed by loving without attachment.

Loving and trusting you to be free and choose what is best for you.

Betty Lue


¤      I love you      ¤
and I know you love me too.

The freedom for you and I to be who we are.

The freedom to live life as we do.

The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

The freedom to express our own truth as we see it.



The trust that there is a constant flow of love, 

no matter what.

The trust that, in spite of life’s problems, 

we believe in and support each other’s right 

to live as we choose.

The trust that in adversity, 

there is healing and learning and gifts of love.

The trust that under conflict and emotional expression,

there is love


I love you and I trust you.
I free you to be all you are. 

Betty Lue 1978