Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Decisions For Life


I trust myself and believe in the choices I make.

I listen within and know exactly what is true for me.

I decide always for the Greater Good of All.

I honor my freedom of choice and choose wisely.

How Do You Make Decisions for Your Life?

Health Decision?

Political Decisions?

Family Decisions?

Ethical Decisions?

Our greatest freedom is the freedom of choice.

Each one of us has the opportunity to choose many things everyday.

When do we get up/?

What do we wear?

What do we eat for breakfast?

Where do we go?

What do we do with our time?

How much time do we waste?

Who do we talk to?

How do we treat people we encounter?

What kind of impression do we give?

Do we say “YES” or “NO”?

Do we treat ourselves well?

How do we spend our money?

Do we make decisions to avoid something?

Do we make decisions to attract something?

Do we make decisions based on fear?

Do we make decision from our love?

Do you make decisions based on what you believe or what you feel?

Do you make decisions based on popular opinion or your inner conviction?

Do you make decisions to get what you want or to give what you want to give?

Do you make decisions based on what you know in your heart or what others have advised you?

How do you know when you have made a good decision?

Are you looking for inner peace or a sense of rightness.

Some ask: “Would you rather be right or happy?”

Some say, “Let your heart be your guide.”

I am very practical in decision-making.

I want to be happy and at peace.

I look and listen for choices that bring me happiness and peace of mind.

If I hesitate or doubt my decision, I know it is not right for me.

I make decisions to feel good and happy, peaceful and in integrity with myself.

I choose what I believe with be best for the greater Good.

I decide with my heart and mind which feels right and true.

I listen within myself and not to popular opinion or media.

These are times when our voice and choice matter.

Trusting you to choose what is highest and best for all concerned.

Betty Lue

Choose what is Best for YOU.