Sunday, May 22, 2022

Choose Your Best!


I choose with my heart and mind.

I let my conscience be my guide.

I never quit on Love in me.

I always give my best everywhere to everyone.

Here We Are!

Let’s look at the nature of the world we live in.

What do we see on TV?

How is our home life?

What is the state of our own health and happiness?

Are we responsible for what seems to be?

Is there anything we can do to make changes?

Does complaining help or drain us?

What are we, you and I, willing to do?

When we let things go in our mind and our relationships, we are contributing to what we see.

When we are rude and crude, complaining or ignoring what is needed to be changed, we are helping it be.

When we don’t show up, speak up, and do good in our world, are we not participating in the mess?

When we ignore, avoid and agree with playing victim, are we choosing to let it go in the wrong direction?

Do you clean up messes when and where you see them?

Do you take impeccable care of your health and your home?

Do you get enough sleep and eat the right foods.

Are you happy with what you accomplish each day?

It is our responsibility to see problems and seek creative solutions.

It is our work to make healthy, happy and positive choices.

It is our role to teach and lead the way to sanity and respectful interactions by our example.

We are invited to conform with fear and pain or to choose a better way to live.

We can be active in seeing and forgiving, letting go and changing what no longer works.

We can stop our blind obedience to archaic ways of dealing with life challenges.

We can cease making excuses or justifying our ignoring or blaming “them” for the state of our world.

We can take responsibility for our corner of the world which includes our thoughts, words and deeds.

We can treat everyone with respect, including ourselves.

We can be responsible and respond with kindness to everyone.

We can enjoy and appreciate all the good we have everyday.

We can do our daily work with gratitude and joy and 

We can set aside our distractions and be helpful when asked.

We can show our children how to take care of themselves by doing the same.

We can understand we cannot change others, but can change ourselves.

We can stop ignoring, complaining and judging what is not “right”.

We can do our part to be true to the best in ourselves.

We can relinquish our numbing addictions and self medicating .

We can be more conscious, respectful and helpful every day.

We can do our part and feel great about being our best self even at home.

Remember: We are here to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember Goodness.

 Loving you always, 

Betty Lue